IPL Photofacial Reverses Sun Damage

Did you know that sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging? Many of us don’t really understand this until we hit our 30s and all of those teenage tanning decisions start to pay off – in a bad way. Dark spots start appearing and hormonal changes can lead to melasma even with minimal sun exposure. Sun damage can make you look years older than you are, and much of that can be a result of poor habits from years ago. The good news is that the IPL Photofacial specifically targets this type of hyperpigmentation, historically difficult to get rid of with topical creams. This laser technology is truly a game changer for anyone dealing with the effects of sun damage on their skin.

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Improve Your Skin Health With Targeted Packages

At Revitalized, we want you to look and feel great in your skin. That’s why we offer comprehensive packages to address your concerns with the most advanced skin care treatments available. These packages not only improve your skin health and appearance, but the way they are bundled saves you money! We have something for everyone, so you’re sure to find the perfect package for you.

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IPL Treatment Takes Years Off Your Appearance!

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin. These critical building blocks of the skin are responsible for firmness and elasticity, the hallmarks of youth. So when you hit your 30s, you start to notice fine lines and the beginnings of wrinkles. Less production of these proteins combined with continual exposure of the skin to the elements eventually leads to those classic signs of aging – deep lines, sagging skin, and a dull appearance. You may also develop hyperpigmentation (especially from sun exposure) which appears as brown or red spots on the skin. If your skin is starting to show its age, you might be wondering if it can be reversed. The answer is, YES! With IPL treatment at Revitalized, we can effectively rejuvenate your skin, rewinding the clock on your appearance.

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