Laser Hair Removal

Our Harmony SHR laser hair removal method uses Alma’s groundbreaking technology to offer a simple, one-stop solution for truly effective hair removal.

Unique Technology for Superior Results

By using our uniquely gradual heating method, our medical aesthetics experts are able to damages the hair follicles while avoiding injury to the surrounding skin. The Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser System has a contact cooling element that prevents burning and allows for a very comfortable and painless treatment.

Be Hair Free & Care Free,
Quickly and Without Pain

Alma Lasers among the most trusted names in cosmetic technology and they’re responsible for some of the most innovative improvements in the medical aesthetics field. Unlike many other lasers that can only function at a single wavelength for laser hair removal, our Alma Harmony system offers multiple wavelength options.  Each of which works most efficiently on specific skin and hair types for the ultimate in a customized treatment outcome.

Our system is FDA cleared for skin types I to VI including tanned skin. This means the medical aesthetics experts at Revitalized Aesthetics and Beauty Bar can safely and efficiently treat skin from light to dark and everywhere in between.

We know that your days are already busy. At times it can be hard to make time for self care and beauty routines like plucking, shaving, and waxing; so you need a laser hair removal treatment that will keep pace with your schedule. Our laser hair removal system performs treatment sessions in less time than other laser systems thanks to its large applicator and efficient technology. It’s even possible to utilize the Alma Speed Gel topical formula that maximizes the effectiveness and speed of the laser using nanotechnology.


Before & Afters

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Small Areas

$75.00 for each treatment or package of 6 treatments at $375.00

In between eyebrows, fingers, toes, sideburns, ears, upper lip, chin, breast

Recommend 6 treatments spaced out 6 weeks apart.

Medium Areas

$150.00 for each treatment or package of 6 treatments at 750.00

Full face, scalp, underarms, front or back of neck, bikini lines, abdomen, upper arms, lower arms

Recommend 6 treatments spaced out 6 weeks apart.

Large Areas

$300 each treatment or package of 6 at 1500.00

Genitals, Brazilian bikini, shoulders, upper legs, lower legs, full arms, chest

Recommend 6 treatments spaced out 6 weeks apart.

XL Areas

$400.00 each treatment or a package of 6 at 2000.00

Full back (includes shoulders and back of neck), full chest and legs, full legs (includes feet)

Recommend 6 treatments spaced out 6 weeks apart.

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