vi peels improve skin tone

VI Peels Improve Skin Tone And Texture

As we age, the effects of lifestyle and less collagen and elastin production start to really change the tone and texture of our skin. You probably don’t notice much until you hit 30, and then all of a sudden you notice fine lines creeping in, maybe some hyperpigmentation from the sun, and even some deeper creases forming. Fortunately, there are treatments available that help to improve skin tone and texture that are affordable and don’t require a lot of time. VI Peels offers a wide range of specialized formulas to tackle some of the most common and unwanted signs of aging.

Choose Your VI Peel

There’s something for everyone with VI Peels! Each one targets a specific area of concern, making it easy to find the one that’s right for you. We might suggest a series of peels, combining different formulas in your treatment plan, to address multiple skin issues.

  • Advanced – for signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity
  • Precision Plus – treats hyperpigmentation
  • Purify – excellent for acne and acne-prone skin
  • Original – a great starter peel, good for sensitive skin
  • Purify + Precision Plus – clear acne and reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation

We love recommending these peels to both new and veteran medical spa clients because the results speak for themselves!

Improve Skin Tone And Texture

Regardless of the peel you choose, you’ll notice an overall improvement in your skin tone and texture. In fact, all VI Peels contain exfoliating and skin-nourishing ingredients to help boost collagen and elastin. The results get better and better each time. You won’t believe the power of these simple, effective treatments!

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your skin concerns, and we can help you decide which peel(s) will get you the best results. Start your journey to better skin today with one of our VI Peels.

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